The Leadership And Business Enrichment Conference is an online 5-day experience purposed to equip leaders in ministry, business and industry with quality time-tested truths, skills, tools, and cutting edge strategies needed to thrive in any business climate and take the lead in their sphere of influence. Leaders across the nation will gather at LABEC 2019 to discuss leadership and business strategies to move this nation forward. LABEC is an opportunity for a paradigm shift in your personal leadership, corporate leadership, finances, business or ministry. As leaders we believe your leadership skills will be invigorated and sharpened to a whole new level as you make time to attend.

“Study has revealed that business organizations that invest in leadership development thrive better than those that do not. Study after study shows that. Each year, U.S businesses and companies spend more than170 billion dollars on leadership development programs.


“The law of the lid, the first lesson of John C Maxwell’s The 21 irrefutable laws of leadership, states that the capability of an organization’s leadership is a lid on the organization overall performance. This means increase in an organization’s leadership capacity can generate exponential returns and profits, and vice versa, poor leadership will crush productivity.”

As a labec attendee, you’ll discover and glean deep insights on how to grow your business, organization, increase sales, expand your influence, multiply your success and become more effective in your organization and business. It is also congenial to note that this year’s theme is unique in all it’s ways and addresses a wide range of relevant topics relating to our vision of equipping business leaders with leadership and business strategies, principles, knowledge, grace and ideas. We have special power sessions for leaders, entrepreneurs, and ministry leaders, empowerment session, skill acquisition programs, career fair, employability enhancement programs, workshops for unemployed or underemployed youths.

It is our utmost desire that this conference will super charge your growth as an effective leader and further enlarge your capacity for success and influence so that you can be a blessing to the world.

Thank you.


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